Active Transportation

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Where is the money going?

The transportation bill funds an additional $1 billion for the Active Transportation Program (ATP) over the next ten years —that’s an additional $100 million per year for cities, counties and regional transportation agencies to build more bike paths, cross-walks and sidewalks.

California has ambitious goals to double walking and triple bicycling trips by 2020, and reduce bicycle and pedestrian fatalities by ten percent each year - SB 1 will help Caltrans reach these goals.

At least one-quarter of ATP funds are designated to disadvantaged communities.

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Why Invest in Active Transportation?

It’s imperative to have sustainable, multimodal transportation choices that include more than just roads. The Active Transportation Program provides options for other methods of transportation that will enhance public health and improve air quality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Redirecting traffic off the roadways reduces air pollution, curtails traffic congestion, and improves safety
  • Bicycle and pedestrian projects expand healthy travel choices, while meeting air-quality goals, promoting a low-carbon economy, and meeting environmental standards
  • Bicycle and pedestrian projects will lead to improved connections between local and regional roads, public transit, and intercity and passenger rail
  • Designing safe streets that provide room for bicycling and walking helps children and adults get physical activity

Learn more about the Active Transportation Program (ATP) link to page

Program Update

The California Transportation Commission adopted four years' worth of projects for each of the three components of the ATP.

  • 2021 ATP Statewide and Small Urban & Rural Components (PDF) – Adopted March 24, 2021 link to page
  • 2021 ATP Staff Recommendations – Metropolitan Planning Organization Component (PDF) - May 28, 2021 link to page